Times Square Deli Mart - 2132 Suite C Central Ave SE, Albuquerque NM - (505) 242-0809

Twin Towers breakfast sandwich


Breakfast is served Monday-Saturday 7:00-11:00am
Also serving fresh baked muffins and danishes, hot coffee, cappuccino, hot and iced tea, hot chocolate and juices.

Breakfast Burrito

2 eggs, hashbrowns, cheese wrapped in a tortilla
With ham, bacon or sausage +.50

2 Egg Omelette

8" round with cheese, served with toast
Choose 2 additional incredients +.50
Ham, green chile, turkey, salsa, mushrooms, broccoli, onions, peppers, jalapenos, sausage, tomatoes, bacon

2 Eggs & Cheese on a 6" sub

With ham, bacon or sausage +.50

Twin Towers

Double egg, double bacon, double sausage, double ham, double cheese, onions, peppers, mushrooms on a toasted 10" sub

Southwest Special

Double ham, double egg, double cheese, green chile on a toasted 6" sub

Buttered toast


Buttered bagel


Bagel with cream cheese


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